You might have heard of restaurants where diners suspend 50 metres up in the open air or watching schools of fish swim by 5 metres below sea-level. But have you heard of diners having meals in their bathing suit? These are rather unique restaurants that are absolutely bizarre and out of this world, making them the most vivid memories of many travellers and food enthusiasts. Here are my top favorite and most weirdest restaurants, in no particular order.
Hope you enjoy!

Dinner In the Sky Restaurant (Belgium)

Not For the Faint-Heated

Official Website

Strap on and enjoy the ride! Or rather, your meals! :)
The Dinner In the Sky restaurant in Belgium is definitely not for anyone with Acrophobia(fear of heights).
Once you're strapped to your seats, the diner will be hoisted 50 metres up in the air, suspended by a crane.

According to Wikipedia, The Dinner In the Sky Restaurant is called one of the world's ten most unusual restaurants by Forbes magazine.
I myself call it one of world's most exciting meals. Hope they provide airsickness bags up there.

Dinner In the Sky Restaurant (Belgium)


  1. Wow, looking at that first photo is enough to make me cringe.
    And what the hell does this have to do with cruising in Dubai?!

  2. I would love to do this! Wonder what'd happen though if you dropped a fork...ouch! I found another post with interesting restaurants in too including this one:

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