You might have heard of restaurants where diners suspend 50 metres up in the open air or watching schools of fish swim by 5 metres below sea-level. But have you heard of diners having meals in their bathing suit? These are rather unique restaurants that are absolutely bizarre and out of this world, making them the most vivid memories of many travellers and food enthusiasts. Here are my top favorite and most weirdest restaurants, in no particular order.
Hope you enjoy!

A380 In-Flight Kitchen (Taipei)

Named after the Airbus A380, largest airliner in the world

Address: 168, Dingzhou Rd Sec 3,
Taipei City (台北市汀州路三段168號)
Tel: (02) 2367-3928
Open: Daily from 11:30am to 10pm

Imagine a flight without security checks, turbulence or even ticketing.
A seat with seatbelts and no smoking lights. More importantly, there's more than just fish or chicken for dinner.

Over in Taipei, a restaurant is named after the Airbus A380, the largest double-deck airliner in the world.
The A380 In-flight Kitchen looks pretty much like the airliner it is named after. But it has only one floor.

A380 In-Flight Kitchen (Taipei)


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