You might have heard of restaurants where diners suspend 50 metres up in the open air or watching schools of fish swim by 5 metres below sea-level. But have you heard of diners having meals in their bathing suit? These are rather unique restaurants that are absolutely bizarre and out of this world, making them the most vivid memories of many travellers and food enthusiasts. Here are my top favorite and most weirdest restaurants, in no particular order.
Hope you enjoy!

Count Dracula Club Restaurant (Bucharest)

HA HA HA...!

Address: 8A, Spl. Independentei,
Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40-1-312.1353

Travel back in time as you enter Count's castle.
This campy restaurant in Bucharest, Romania is a hit among tourists. It consists of many rooms, each with its own atmosphere.
There is the Medieval Room, Transilvanian Room, Hunting Room, The Cellar and many others.

Those who have watched the film or read Bram Stoker's classic novel, Dracula, shouldn't have any problems spotting Count.
Food prices are quite reasonable, with main courses from $3.00 to $7.50 HAHAHA...!

Count Dracula Club Restaurant (Bucharest)


  1. In Aug. my daughter and I were in Bucharest. The restaurant phoned our hotel to reschedule our reservation due to an unforeseen closing on a Saturday night. When we rescheduled for late Sunday night (we were on a day-long trip), they kept the restaurant open just for us at 9:00. We were the only customers at that time and we had top-notch service and delicious food. The waiter/cook/webmaster was very personable. It's kitschy and fun -- try it! Cash only, though!

    1. Oh wow! That's really nice of them. :) Was the count Dracula present too?

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